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Do you know what Facebook & Instagram Ads
can do for your business?


Woohoo is a boutique marketing agency, located in Omaha, Nebraska, that specializes in Facebook and Instragram advertising.

“With Julie managing our Facebook Ads, we are able to get HUNDREDS of new leads every month! She cut our "cost per lead" in half.”



"Every time Julie runs Facebook & Instagram Ads for our business, our registrations SKYROCKET. She’s an expert at generating new customers quickly!"



"I almost have tears in my eyes, writing this. I have been trying for years to market my business it has been a constant underlying stress, always there, feeling overwhelmed, shooting in the dark and watching my business slowly grow. Working with you has given me hope that with Facebook Ads, I can get MANY NEW LEADS for my business and build long-lasting relationships with new patients!

/  dr. adam graves /




When you look at the above snap-shot of how 60 seconds are used online…it becomes clear the power of Google, Facebook and Instagram!

The good news? Even though there are so many new places to advertise your business - these same principles that worked 100 years ago in advertising still work today...

  • an exciting offer

  • persuasive writing

  • a sense of urgency

These timeliness principles are still effective!

Book a call with me, and I will help you market your business in all the right places! Together we can determine if advertising with Facebook, Instagram and Google can be profitable for your business.


Do you want Facebook Ads to convert to qualified leads or sales for your business?

Do you want Facebook Ads to convert to qualified leads or sales for your business?



Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed with Facebook & Instagram Ads - and don’t know where to start?

Join a Workshop! This is for business owners or marketers that want to be trained on how to run successful Facebook & Instagram Ads for their business in ONE DAY.

This workshop if you want to...

#1: Learn how to use the technology to set-up Facebook Ads
#2 Develop a profitable Facebook & Instagram Ad strategy
#3: Learn how to make your Facebook & Instagram Ads convert to qualified leads and sales

What you get…

  1. ONE DAY WORKSHOP: 9 am - 4 pm: Join other business owners in a 7 hour workshop (including 1 hour lunch break) either…

    1. In-person (Omaha, Nebraska)

    2. Online in a Virtual Workshop

  2. START RUNNING ADS: Get Facebook & Instagram ads for your business set up and running by the END OF THE DAY!

  3. ONGOING SUPPORT: Option to get ongoing coaching and support for your Facebook and Instagram advertising

    Sign up now…

Facebook Ad Account Audit - PDF Report

Facebook Ad Account Audit - PDF Report



Are you racking your brain - wondering why your Facebook or Instagram ads aren’t working?

Get a detailed assessment! This is for businesses that have spent at least $500 in Facebook or Instagram Ad Spend - and are not experiencing success with their Facebook ads. They want to understand they are doing wrong and get some quick tips for how to improve outcomes quickly.

Facebook Ad Account Audit includes…

  1. TIPS & IDEAS: A careful assessment of your Facebook Ad Account - along with tips, tricks and ideas for improving your ad campaigns (based on insider info on the latest changes from Facebook).

  2. ANALYZE ADS: Analyzing your ads (body text, headlines, buttons and images/videos), along with Click Through Rates and Audiences. This includes specific suggestions to get better results immediately.

  3. EVALUATE LANDING PAGES: Evaluating landing pages (body text, headlines, buttons and images/videos), along with conversion rates and offering key ways to boost conversions

What you get…

  • A complete and detailed PDF report

  • Video call to walk you through the results of the report

  • Recorded video of call - yours to keep


$2700 a month (plus ad spend)

Do you want a professional Facebook Ad and Instragram Expert with a proven track-record to run your Facebook Ads for you?

Hire an expert! This is for business owners that want to outsource their Facebook ads to an expert. They want a professional who will do everything for them, start-to-finish, to run profitable Facebook ads.

I can help you run profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads - without lifting a finger!

What you get…

  • Profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Attention-grabbing product offers

  • Drip Email Campaigns

  • Landing pages that convert into leads and sales


  • Only 50% of people who go to your web site will buy from you

  • 3% are ready to buy now

  • 47% are ready later (this is where drip emails and Facebook Ad re-targeting ad campaigns come in handy)


I have helped clients in a wide variety of industries with their Facebook advertising...and I can help you too!


  • beauty and make-up

  • home decor

  • toys

  • online courses

  • education

  • parenting resources

  • credit repair software

Lead Generation and Registrations:

  • chiropractor

  • natural doctor

  • medial equipment

  • roofing service

  • dance studio

  • sports and fitness

  • water filtration

  • lawn care

  • pest control

  • tax services

  • non-profit events


Get the 5 Secrets to Running Facebook Ads (that really, actually work)!

Business Owners and Marketers! Do you want to know how to use the power of Facebook to get new customers QUICKLY, EVERY DAY (and bring in new revenue EVERY DAY)?

You can do it with this “5 Secrets to Facebook Ads” Guide and Checklist Now!


What’s inside? 4 Bonus Videos! Watch as I share my screen with you and walk you through the EXACT STEPS to...

  • 2 Min Video: Get the first step right! Set up the Facebook Pixel on your web site

  • 4 Min Video: Key Facebook Setting: Set up your Facebook Campaigns correctly from the beginning so that your ads work long-term (tip for new Facebook Ad Manager settings for 2019)

  • 2 Min Video: Are you a local business? Set up the right near-by audiences

  • 2 Min Video: Do you sell online internationally or nation-wide? Setup custom audiences (send Facebook Ads for your business to your 3 best audiences: Customer List, Lookalike Audience and Web Site Visitors/ Facebook Page Followers)

Plus...get the MAGIC FORMULA with 4 easy steps for writing Facebook Ads that WORK EVERY TIME!

ENTER EMAIL BELOW to find out how to create very successful Facebook Ads for your business or organization, with this handy “5 Secrets to Facebook Ads” Guide and Checklist Now!