Boutique Marketing Agency - Specializes in Facebook Ads

About Woohoo Agency


Why should you work with me?

Woohoo Agency, a Boutique Marketing Agency, is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

While specializing in Facebook and Instagram ads, I can also help you with all the Marketing Essentials (logo, web site, email, print, and brand strategy).

With over 15 years of experience in branding and marketing…I take all that knowledge and expertise –and put 100% of my efforts into your project.

For 10 years I worked for a web site studio here in Omaha, Nebraska – where I started out as the first graphic designer. After learning design, copywriting, web site development and marketing strategy.…I was privileged to run the company the last 5 years.

Managing a team of designers and programmers - and working with hundreds of clients – I learned a lot (and will apply all that hard-earned experience and know-how to YOUR project).

I opened Woohoo Agency several years to help businesses become profitable with their pay per click advertising! Using CRO (conversion rate optimization), it’s my highest priority to help you get the highest return on your investment possible!

It would be my pleasure to help you with all your marketing goals!

CERTIFICATION: Julie is a FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp Specialist

Why “Woohoo” as a name?

I named my agency "Woohoo" - because at the end of your project you will want to stand up and shout “Woohoo!!” (to celebrate the fact that it was easy, fun, and you now have some great ways to attract new customers to your business).

My ultimate goal is to help your perfect customer hear about you and love your brand too – with little effort on your part.

I am uniquely qualified to help businesses create profitable advertising on the Facebook™ ads platform . I've demonstrated mastery of the “6 Step Facebook Conversion Code™ - proven to generate $2 to $1 returns on ad spend (or more) with Facebook ads."

 I am excited to meet you and help make your brand awesome (web site, logo, and social media)

It’s my goal to help you get lots of new customers the easy way with Facebook & Instagram ads.